Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Ridiculous Kentucky Politics

Kentucky politics tend to be pretty freakin' embarrassing, as my post earlier in the month illustrates. Well, believe it or not, things are getting even stupider 1 around here as election day looms. Jack Conway, the state attorney general and senatorial candidate, is floundering in the polls against Tea Party whackaloon Rand Paul and is now trying to rally the religious vote to his cause. In addition to the nonsense we discussed a couple of weeks ago, he's now spewing out ads like this:

Don't get me wrong - I've no love of Rand Paul and there's plenty of reasons not to vote for him, but what the hell kind of political ad is that? The clear message is that anyone who isn't a jumping-up-and-down, bible-in-each-hand Christian isn't fit for office. It may as well just say "don't vote for this guy, he might not be Christian". Frankly, that's an unwritten rule here in Kentucky anyway, but to actually hear it spoken aloud on the TV ad endorsed by the candidate himself boggles the mind.

In any event, the Conway ad started run about a week or so ago. Rand Paul's campaign complained about it publicly, arguing that the claims in the ad were specious to begin with and substantially meaningless in any event. After all, why should a candidate's personal religious convictions be a factor in a political campaign? For about two days I wondered if Paul would actually manage to articulate some kind of message other than the "government action and oversight bad, unregulated markets good" quasi-libertarianism that he's been campaigning on for the last year. Maybe, just maybe, he's show himself to be something more than a conservative-in-libertarian's-clothing. Perhaps he'd have a modicum of nuance somewhere in his political style.


Wow. I have a feeling that before this race is over Paul and Conway will get into a fistfight over who gets to bow down and kiss Al Mohler's feet.2

The worst part is how seriously the local media seems to be taking all of this. It's been all over the TV news and the Courier-Journal for days. Paul's reaction to (and Conway's defense of) the Aqua Buddha ad even dominated most of the coverage of their recent debate. How did this become so important? What kind of bizarro world are we living in?

Let's step back and think about this. We're in the midst of a crucial midterm election cycle that may help to decide the role and scope of the federal government for years to come...and these two are having a slap fight over who's the most Christian. That's freakin' fantastic. What role should the government have in healthcare? How about in the regulation of the financial system? What, if any, regulation is the federal government likely to enact in order to deal with greenhouse gas emissions?

Apparently none of that matters, because all these two nimrods seem to want to talk about is how religious they are. I'll be at the polls to cast my ballot on election day, but I'm sure as hell not voting for either of these guys.

1.) Wow, apparently "stupider" is actually a word.

2.) Al Mohler is the leader of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He's a super hardcore fundagelical who recently made the national news for decrying yoga as "dangerous to Christians".


The Atheist said...

It almost makes me hope the Rapture DOES happen - but that their god will look at all the assclownery they pull all the time, and say 'We're not going anywhere until you start behaving yourselves!'

Skippy the Skeptic said...

Any god that would be satisfied with this kind of nonsense deserves to have a bunch of self-righteous chodes as followers.

Atheist Wars said...

myers - are you eating your own sh&t yet? you will be…



let them eat their own sh*t!


the ungrateful bastards full of hubris…

a bullet for your head, traitor

And finally, the *only* man in Minnesota who says there is no God has suddenly become an arbiter on mental health…


The Atheist said...

The Phantom Retard strikes again! *dramatic chord*

Morning, Mabus. XD You really didn't forgive PZ for putting up your picture, did you, you creepy-looking little fucker?

Skippy the Skeptic said...

Bah. I work with mentally disabled people 8 hours a day, so I get pretty sick of coming home and having to police the blog for Dennis.

Your picture's still up over at PZ's, bro.

Seriously Dennis, what's with the big Count Dracula pinkie ring?

Atheist Wars said...
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The Atheist said...

Ahahahaha, check it out, we've hooked him.

Y'know, none of these deformed little rants actually point out which religion he *is*. You Muslim, Mabus? Or Sheikh? Does baby carry his widdle pwastic ceremonial dagger all the time, or is that just a tiny, furious erection at being replied to for once?

Skippy the Skeptic said...

I tend to delete his comments if he just spams the same one over and over again. He's actually been posting more or less the same rant on here for something like three years now, with the exception of one instance in which he threatened to crawl out of my TV and get me like in "The Ring". I kid you not.

To save everyone from having to deal his links, I'll go ahead and sum up Dennis' brilliant and nuanced philosophy: Nostradamus predicted DePeche Mode, ergo Christianity is true.

I know I'm converted.

The Atheist said...

He had a go at mine the other day - I'm doing a test run of this thing called Godless Beautiful Thing Of The Week, just every Sunday showcasing something absolutely awesome that doesn't involve any gods at all. And this retard absolutely lost his shit at the Great Barrier Reef for some reason. Posted his rant, I had a giggle, he called me a yankee, I told him I'm English and he's brain-damaged, he called me a yankee *again*...I seriously wonder why he isn't in a hospital.

David Mabus said...



The Atheist said...

Speaking of high, I think you've got the shakes, son. You missed a bit out that time.

The Atheist said...

Did he just stutter?