Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmastime With Skippy

As the dozen or so of you that come by the blog for reasons other than Google Images sending here you to look for ninja pictures may have noticed, it's been pretty quiet around here since Halloween.  There are a few reasons for these, not the least of which being that the Halloween Horror Countdown was more work than I expected and I wanted a break.  It's also the case that I probably watched about 50 horror flicks in October, so I needed a break from that, too.  Not feeling like writing or watching movies makes it pretty darn hard to run a movie blog.

Wait Skippy, you might say, why worry with horror movies?  You post seasonal stuff too, so why didn't you post any Thanksgiving-related reviews?

Thanksgiving movies, huh?  Name three.  Other than Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  Not easy, huh?  That's also why there weren't any movie reviews this month.

Now December is upon us.  As you're no doubt aware, there's no dearth of Christmas movies out there, and many of them are weird enough to fall under my purview.  There are plenty of weird Christmas-themed horror flicks out there, as well more than a couple of "straight" Christmas flicks that are more than bizarre enough to warrant inclusion here, so we've certainly got enough to work with.  I'm not going to do a countdown or anything, but things are going to start picking up around here between now and the holidays.

'Tis the season for weird movies, and I hope you'll come join in the fun.

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