Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bill Donohue Can Write...Sort Of...

Bill Donohue, our perpetually livid friend from the Catholic League, has somehow managed to write a book. (I suppose that since Ray Comfort can apparently write a book a every couple of weeks, I shouldn't be surprised that Billy managed it as well.) To the astonishment of absolutely no one who's seen Bill's spittle-flecked tirades on various cable news shows, his new book is 272 pages of invective against secularism. Secular Sabotage is bound in human flesh and inked with human blood published by Faithwords, an imprint of the Hachette Book Group1, and retails for something along the lines of $20 more than it's worth. I advise readers to mosey on over to the Amazon page linked above and use the Look Inside feature to have a gander at the first ten pages or so.

In addition to seeing wonderful image of the cover, featuring a striking black and white image of Bill looking like he just smelled a fart, curious readers will be treated to such delightful excerpts as this:
What we are faced with today is nihlism... [Bill goes on to wax poetic about how the Communist Revolutions in Russia and China were superior to modern secularism because they "at least had a game plan."]

Driving the nihlists is a tortured vision of sexuality that is so unhinged from reality as to be maddening...To reach their state of perpetual ecstasy, they need to take down Christianity and Catholicism: it is restraint that the secular purists find so objectionable. Make no mistake about it, what they desire is nothing less than full-blown genital liberation. They want it all -with whomever they want- and they want it now. Indeed, to deny them is to kill them.
Well, there you have it: Sexual perversion. That's the point of secular activism. Ideas like freedom of conscience, rationalism, and the explanatory power of science? Shills, the whole lot of them. Secular activists? We're all a bunch of slavering, oiled-up weirdos in assless chaps. Seriously, we are. Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Chris Hitchens, PZ Myers, the Louisville Area Skeptics, the American Humanist Association, Americans United For Separation of Church and State, even your old pal Skippy...all we're after is the opportunity to bang kangaroos. Boy kangaroos.

If only the damn Pope wasn't guarding the zoo...

No wait, that's stupid.

Honestly, if I were going to write a book lampooning the rantings of hardcore Catholics, I'd probably make sure that I accused all of my ideological enemies of being genitally-liberated perverts by no later than page ten. Bill does it on page six. (If you're unsure as to why that's ironic, Google "Catholic Sex Abuse" and look at any of the 2,970,000 hits.) Shortly thereafter (on page seven) he hits his other two favorite talking points: The "War on Christmas" and how atheists are "afraid of the Muslims".2 Say what you will about the guy, at least he doesn't waste time.

Bill Donohue has a made a career out of playing the indignant victim while simultaneously demanding that others scrape and bow before his inane beliefs. If the preview of his book in any indication (and I suspect it is), then it's nothing more than his stock Fox News rant wrapped in a dust jacket. I'll be keeping an eye out for this one at the library, but I don't know if reading Bill's bile-spewing will be nearly as enjoyable as actually watching him turn bright red while he raves on TV.

1.) Hachette also owns the romance imprint Forever, publisher of such apparently theological works as To Desire a Devil, To Taste Temptation, and Sins of the Flesh.

2.) Nevermind, I suppose, that Sam Harris' book
The End of Faith is specifically a discussion of the evils of fundamentalist Islam, or that Richard Dawkins' TV series Root of All Evil opened with a lengthy examination of fundie Muslim backwardness, or that the creation of freakin' Blasphemy Day was inspired by the insane overreaction of fundamentalist Islamists to the publication of handful of cartoons. Hell, nevermind that just last month New Humanist published a lengthy article kicking the intellectual ass of Muslim creatard Harun Yahya.


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Between Donohue, Beck, and Palin, you've got quite the intellectual black hole in bookstores right now...