Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Million Dollar Challenge Lives!

Readers may recall that the James Randi Educational Foundation announced last year that it would be bringing the famous Million Dollar Challenge to an end in 2010. Well, according to an update by JREF president Phil Plait, the Challenge will continue! Sweet! Now we can look forward to years and years worth of fresh excuses from psychics, dowsers, and reiki practitioners for why they just can't seem to use their magic powers under controlled conditions.

In celebration of the continuation of the Million Dollar Challenge, here's a video of Randi testing James Hydrick, a Kung Fu enthusiast who claimed to be able to project his "chi" in order to manipulate various objects in the environment.

Hydrick later admitted to a British TV show that he was a fraud and that, rather than using any sort of ancient Chinese sorcery, he was actually using magic tricks he learned in prison.


Jay said...

The static from the foam and the lighting! Priceless!

Skippy the Skeptic said...

You can tell by the look his face at one point that he's straining to think up a good excuse. At least he didn't fall back on the old "negative energy from the skeptics is messing up my powers" routine.