Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Tragedy in Florida

Did anyone else see this? Apparently a Florida woman publicly murdered her teenage son and then committed suicide this weekend because she thought she was the Antichrist and had to destroy herself for the good of the world. Marie Moore shot her son in the back of the head with a pistol while the pair was enjoying some target practice at an indoor gun range. Immediately thereafter she shot herself. A recording that Moore left to her boyfriend included a rambling and bizarre explanation that she needed to kill the boy in order to "send him to heaven" and so that her own death would begin "a thousand years of peace on earth".

The MSNBC article says that Moore was mentally ill* and have been involuntarily committed a few years ago, which makes it all the more bizarre that she was able to rent a gun at a gun range. Apparently she had to fill out a set of forms to the effect of "Are you crazy? Yes/No" in order to use the gun range, but there was no way for the company, Shoot Straight, to verify the answers. That's freakin' ridiculous. Hell, I had to jump through more hoops than that to get a Hollywood Video card.

If you follow the link in the opening sentence of this post you'll also have the opportunity to listen to one of Moore's recordings, and frankly it's pretty chilling. She talks about how she "wants everyone to turn to God and stick with God" and how the murder/suicide she was planning would bring about this end. This is a ghastly situation, especially with the spate of other religiously-motivated shootings recently. To be fair, this woman was obviously unstable to begin with, but her apocalyptic religion did her, and her son, no favors.

*As if that weren't obvious.

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