Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No More JREF on Youtube!?

For some reason the James Randi Educational Foundation's Youtube account has been suspended. It's a pretty shitty situation, since the JREF had some really interesting vids up, but a lot of folks may be jumping the gun as far as why the account got shut down. Believe it or not I don't keep up very much with the comings and goings of the skeptical community as a whole, but apparently both Youtube and Wikipedia have some history of buckling to cries that certain atheist/skeptical videos and pages are offensive and removing them from their servers. Folks seem to be assuming that this is what happened to the JREF's Youtube page, and that may well be the case, but since Randi hasn't actually issued as statement as to why Youtube kicked his account there may be no sense getting spun up about it.

I say this mainly because the JREF Youtube channel had a lot of video from old NOVAs, Datelines, etc, and it could just as easily be the case that there was a copyright claim against some of the videos. Hell, a Youtube channel I used to use a lot for work (believe it or not) because it had a ton of old hygiene and safty PSAs got deleted for copyright violations.* Again, there are a lot of vocal crybabies out in the woo-woo community, but for the time being there's no sense in leaping to conclusions about a Youtube page.

*As a word of explanation, I work with mentally disabled folks who sometimes need a reminder from a giant soap monster to make sure they take a shower every night.

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