Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

I've recently been turned on to website called Shelfari. It's kind of like Facebook, but instead of posting a bunch of drunken pictures of yourself, you set up a "shelf" of the books that you've read and/or own. Suffice to say that I'm smitten. Sooner or later I'm probably going to add a graphic of my shelf to the blog, but for the time being I'm still getting everything set up. If you've a mind to, you can check it out here in the meantime. Keep in mind that I'm incredibly lazy about filling out the profile sections of these kinds of websites. You can also take a look at the girlfriend's shelf here. Perhaps you'll share my alarm at the queasy amounts of fluff fantasy on hers...*

Furthermore, I've also become hooked on an Xbox Arcade game called Puzzle Quest and it's been eating up a troubling amount of my time. But honestly, who hasn't dreamt of playing a color-matching puzzle game against a giant rat? I know it's something that I've aspired to for as long as I can remember.

Finally, I've also made some inquiries about attending the demonology class that was discussed in last week's post. Assuming I actually get in, I'll be sure to write up a full review. (With any luck I'll even be able to wrangle some video.)

*I'm well aware there's a significant bit of irony in that statement, considering I have both The Zombie Survival Guide and the Official Godzilla Compendium featured prominently on my shelf.

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