Monday, February 23, 2009

I Can Hardly Wait For This...

This should be good. The whackaloons over at Answers In Genesis are peddling this silly book about global warming. Interestingly, it apparently does not deny the reality of global climate change, but rather seeks to write it off as something that doesn't matter because it's what Yahweh wants. Check out this snippet of the AiG synopsis:
The truth is that the earth has always been warming very gradually and that the current warming is insignificant—especially considering the scope of God’s ultimate plan for each and every one of us. Unlock important clues to this contemporary
controversy. Includes Scripture references, scientific data, and biblical prophecy for the future. This book clearly illustrates that the concept of “man induced global warming” is totally unfounded, and that God alone is in control of our destiny.
I think I may have to order this one. It was written in part by Dr. William M Curtis III, but seeing as how his doctorate is in theology and his other education (which does include degrees in aeronautics and physics) does not seem to actually have anything to do with climate science I'm not sure what actual expertise he brings to the subject.

One thing that I've never quite gotten is the weird opposition lots of conservative religious folk have to the idea that global warming a.) exists b.) may have anthropogenic roots and c.) could conceivably be a problem. Is it as simple a formulation as "God made the world, therefore we cannot possibly do it serious harm"? Surely it's more complex than that. There are certainly religious groups that also have an environmentalist slant, and their position (Something to the effect of "God made this, ergo we must take care of it".) seems to make a bit more sense than the head-in-the-sand position that AiG seems to be advocating. But then again, very little of makes any sense to me at all.

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Jay said...

There's a mentality among some groups that everything on Earth (presumably including the Earth itself) was put here by God expressly for human benefit. Some of the implications of this are that we're justified in exploiting the environment for our own benefit, hunting animals to extinction, and generally making a mess of things because God gave us dominion over everything.