Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Again? Already...?

I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama yesterday with both intense interest and a feeling of satisfaction, though the entire thing was rather marred by Rick Warren's trite rantings beforehand. That being said, I took Warren to be a bit of a sideshow, an appeasement to the country's religious folks and an attempt at bipartisanship. I wouldn't call his presence a good thing, nor am I satisfied that it's proper to have a Christian prayer before the inauguration of the president, but Warren's invocation was far from the most important thing that happened yesterday. On the other hand, I just had occasion to turn on MSNBC for a few minutes and, rather than discussing something of actual importance such as President Obama's order to halt the military trials at Guantanamo, the hosts were breathlessly theorizing about what church the new president will be attending while in office.

The president actually has real work to do, and while I'm not among those who think of his as some sort of superhuman uber-statesman who's going to completely alter the course of the nation, both the president and we the citizens have better things to worry about that what witch doctor he's going to see every Sunday morning.

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