Monday, October 13, 2008

Possummomma Offline...?

Possummomma and her blog "Atheist in a Mivivan" have been veritable institutions of the internet atheist community for years now, but it sadly appears that a group of crazed Fundagelicals has finally forced her offline. The story is a long and bizarre one, involving a cadre of rabid fans of that show John and Kate Plus 8, and I dare not attempt to untie such a Gordian knot of weirdness for readers here. Luckily someone else has done it for me. Seriously, read the link - There's a whole lot of concentrated crazy going on here. This kind of stupid, crazy shit burns me, especially when it happens to someone as nice as Possummomma.

Now I don't know Possummomma personally and I've posted on her blog a grand total of maybe twice, but I'm a regular reader over there. She's a classy lady and a eloquent writer, and I'll never forget the day I got a massively CC'ed e-mail in which she pointedly took that David Mabus loon to task for sending her daughter harassing e-mails. We need more folks like her and it pains me to see her silenced by a group of whackjobs.

Like tons of her other readers, I'd like to express my support for Possummomma and her family. Hopefully she'll be back online soon, in spite of all the ridiculous allegations and intimidation being thrown her way.


possum_momma said...

Thank you for supporting me. It's reassuring.

Skippy the Skeptic said...

I'm always happy to help. Wish there was more I could do.