Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Better Idea...

In case you hadn't heard, everyone's favorite pseudo-psychic con artist Sylvia Browne is retiring soon. Soon, in the geological sense, anyway - she's got tours going on through next year and will in fact still be doing pretty much everything she's doing now except not doing as many stage shows. Actually I guess she's not really retiring at all... Regardless, you'll still be able to get one of her famous phone readings for a mere...$850?!

I'm serious. Check out the fees at the bottom of her readings page. Note that frugal dupes can get a reading that's just as effective from her son Chris for a mere $500.

Let me tell you something: If you've got $850 burning a hole in your pocket and you just can't stand to hold onto it anymore, check out Donors Choose and UNICEF. I guarantee you that money donated to either of these charities is going to much better use than money spent to line the pockets of that gravelly harpy and her henchmen.

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