Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The End is Nigh...Again....

Youtube (and Above Top Secret) user DanielsMagi apparently thinks that the world is going to end sometime soon, during a mythical month called either "Septmember" or "Septemeber". He/she/they has joined an illustrious list of dinguses (Holy crap, Firefox recognizes that as a word!) throughout history who have forgotten that the end of the world spoken of in the Bible was expected to have occurred back then. He also seems to forget that there are, to use a scientific term, assloads of eclipses and thus that noting that "holy crap, there's going be a solar and a lunar eclipse next month" means smeg because that same situation has popped up repeatedly throughout all of history. Also of hilarious note is that he links to a freakin' Youtube video as "scientific proof of the star of Bethlehem".

I rather suspect that September (which I assume is what he means by "Septemeber") will come and go as always, with nothing more unusual than the beginning of the third season of Dexter to show for it. Come October 1st, if by some far off chance I remember to do so, I'm going to PM our friend on Youtube and ask why the world didn't end. I rather suspect that he's already got an excuse in mind, since he's already posted a Youtube comment to the effect that he's not actually sure the world will end this month, but rather that he's just posting his crazy video in case the Rapture happens so we wicked heathens will have the answer and not be swayed by Anti-Christ's excuses about aliens...or something. You know, because DanielsMagi will be in Heaven and thus won't be around to explain it to us poor suffering souls.

In any event, let's enjoy September (and Dexter) and, come October, we'll see what our friend has to say for himself. In the meantime I recommend digging around in the Youtube comments for the video to watch the Rapture-believing and non-Rapture-believing folks argue or passing the time by reading this always timely list of failed end of the world predictions from James Randi.

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