Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Waterboarding Christopher Hitchens...

This has already been up on Pharyngula all day, but I thought it would be worth posting here. Christopher Hitchens, of course, is a prominent atheist commentator who also happens to have rightist political leanings that sometimes put him at odds with much of the rest of the secular community. Among other things, Hitchens supports the Iraq war as a means of achieving a secular democratic government in Iraq, regardless of whether some of the reasons the U.S. public was given for the war were bogus. Nonetheless, Hitchens volunteered to be waterboarded in order to determined for himself whether or not it constitutes torture. His article is here and the video is embedded below for anyone who's interested in seeing a prominent atheist undergo torture.

I would much rather this sort of thing be something that we here in the U.S. hear about other countries doing rather than something that our military is doing to other people. Barbarism is barbarism, no matter what well-intentioned ends one may have in mind.

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