Monday, June 30, 2008

Sylvia Browne - Unimpressive as ever...

Sylvia Browne has another book out, this one about the end of the world. I know this because I had the chance to peruse it at the store this evening while waiting for my girlfriend to finish shopping for socks. (Not kidding.) It's typical Sylvia Browne crap - "a president will die of a heart attack, there will be conflicts with North Korea", and she puts the end of humanity at "sometime before the 22nd century". (She makes a note that, as a psychic, she has a clear view of the entirety of the rest of 21st century, then immediately begins being as vague as possible.) I didn't get to look at much of it, and honestly there's only so much of Browne's crap that I can stomach at once, but I did stumble upon an interesting prediction about the future of medicine.

Browne claims that at some point around 2010 "much to the chagrin" of drug companies, the cure for the common cold will be discovered. Furthermore, it will "somehow involved heat". ("Duh", she further notes. Again, not kidding.) Well, once again, not only does her "clear view" of the next century not actually have any details, but her basic understanding of how colds work betrays, once again, that she has her head up her ass. Presumably she stills thinks that colds are caused by being cold. They are not. She also notes in one of her many online ravings that people get fevers when they have colds (a shocking revelation), and thus maybe her "cure involving heat" has something to do with how the "immune system fights a cold with heat, [and thus] the cure for the common cold certainly may lie in this first signal to heal".

Hmm, now that almost sounds like a concrete prediction...too bad for Sylvia that this isn't a new idea! Ultimately she's managed to do nothing but plagiarize medical speculation from some dude's WordPress page. Predictions like that require about the same amount of psychic power as it does for me to go to Upcoming Horror Movies, read their release lists, and then predict that many older films are getting remakes.

More than anything else, I'm mystified that people buy so completely into obvious hokum like Browne's silliness. There's a small part of me, cynical and sinister, that sometimes ponders banging out a handful of feel-good woo-woo nonsense books to try and cash in on people's desires to indulge in magical thinking, but the thought of sinking to Browne's level is enough to keep me from ever giving the matter any serious consideration.

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