Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Former Insider Takes on Scientology...

Jason Beghe is apparently some kind of actor, and is likewise apparently friends with David Duchovny from "The X-Files". I don't know, I don't recognize the guy. He also used to be a Scientologist, but now he's pulled his head out of his backside and is taking a stand against the cult. Most notable is his Youtube video, which is embedded below. There's a lot of swearing, but the guy's right on the money. To sum up for those who don't want to watch, he says "If Scientology is true, something's fucked up. Show me all the fuckin' Clears*." Testify.

*A Clear in Scientology is someone who has completely rid themselves of all of their body Thetans, or soul-eating alien ghosts. They have superpowers and whatnot. According to L. Ron, for example, Jesus was a Clear. L. Ron, of course, was a much more powerful one.

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