Thursday, January 03, 2008

I <3 UFOs

I have to say that I regard as the zenith of my former credulity not my Catholic upbringing but my middle- and high school interest in UFOs. I'm gathering up materials for an upcoming video and I thought I'd just mention a good ol' UFO evidence page that may or may not be the foremost depository of non-spiritual silliness on the web. Sweet layout though.

For a better discussion of UFOs, check out Phil Plait's book "Bad Astronomy" (which contains loads other interesting stuff too, or the too often ignored "UFOs Explained" by Phillip Klass.

If you want to test the limits of your UFO-related flummery endurance, be sure to have a peek at ZetaTalk, where an ordinary lady acts as channeling conduit for the voices of super advanced extraterrestrials that apparently only know about as much about science as an ordinary lady. These are, I suppose I should note, meant to be aliens of the same species that "abducted" Betty and Barney Hill.

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