Monday, January 07, 2008

Faking it...

Well, I spent part of the weekend working on a new video regarding UFO photos. I've been inspired to this by "War of the Words - The True but Strange Story of the Gulf Breeze UFO" by Craig R. Myers. It's an interesting book, though it's hindered by the author's too frequent attempts at humor. Myers has a funny story to tell, mind you, but he overplays his hand a little. Still, anyone interested in learning more about one of the most well-known UFO hoaxes in recent memory will find his book worthwhile.

In any event, I've been inspired to fake my very own UFO pics, just to see if I can come up with something that looks halfway plausible. Some of this will be detailed in the upcoming video, but it's getting both harder and easier to fake a decent picture these days. It's easier because of fancy computer editing software that lets you layer multiple pictures together (Works great for ghosts too!). It's getting harder because you can't do a double exposure on a digital camera. It's also hard to take the classic out of focus half-assed shots that are the hallmark of UFO lore. Some of the easiest to do "practical" UFOs (as opposed to ones generated later by computer editing) only look good if the shot is kind of out of focus, and it's getting harder to shoot out of focus with a digital these days. There's one technique that worked like magic when I tried it out a few years ago with a Polaroid, but I had all kinds of trouble doing it over the weekend with a digital camera because the auto-focus was just plain working too well. (What a goofy complaint.)

Anyway, pending how long it takes me to get all the pictures I want and how lazy I feel about shooting the actual video itself, I should have another video up sometime in the next couple of weeks. Should be pretty fun.

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