Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hey Mr. Comfort

Ray Comfort is best known to non-evangelicals as the fellow who hangs out in front of lakes with Kirk Cameron and pontificates about the godliness of bananas. Not, of course, that there's anything wrong with hanging out in front of lakes or grooving on a good banana. Where he errs is the chronic vapidity of his reasoning. For example, he seems not to realize that the modern domestic banana is in fact powerful evidence of guided evolution via preferential selection by humans, whereas the wild banana is a lumpy green nightmare that looks rather more like the Frankenstein monster's wang than anything you'd want to eat.

Well, it turns out that he not only has a blog, but that he has it on the same site as this one. I suppose I could have found that out easily a hundred other ways, but I discovered it as a result of the links my pal's fundagelical son pasted into one of my books last week. In perusing his blog, which in some ways resembles a prose version of certain Jack Chick tracts, I stumbled upon a whopper of a post from earlier today. Now I'm not going to cast aspersions on the guy for drawing up a nice straw man about atheists to knock down. Hell, I paint with a nice broad brush when I call people fundagelicals, but c'mon! Money? "Do you love it?" Wowza.

If we want to talk about the love of money, lets talk about the beginnings of the religious resurgence here in the States. Let's talk about Popoff, Roberts, Robertson, and Tilton and their tax free empires. Come back with something better, Ray.

Comfort is also known for his bizarre refusal to accept that atheists exist. No lie. Actually it's a rhetorical device for the book I linked above, but honestly he doesn't seem to realize that his entire book is an argument for universal agnosticism rather than Christianity. Weird.

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