Thursday, November 01, 2007

Parallel Worlds...

One of the weird things about some species of Christianity is their propensity to take things that became popular in the mainstream years ago and mutate them into Christianized dopplegangers. A few months ago, even Youtube got a Christian mimic, Godtube, on which the faithful get the chance to post in the name of their fearsome deity without the risk of accidentally stumbling across some evil secularist's videos.

At the end of the day there is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with all that, even if a lot of the Christian output seems pretty freakin' goofy. After all, secularists make parodies of Christian symbols, and are in turn parodied right back and so on. As long as everyone is laughing and no one is getting all that hot under the collar, then everything is wavy gravy. The real problems start when discussion and good-natured ribbing (and, yeah, that's a legitimate part of most discussions) break down and folks start having conniption fits.

Of course, people on all sides of religious issues have conniption fits more often than would be optimal. (Honestly, just Google "William Donohue".) Sure, the internet gives a lot of people enormous amounts of keyboard courage, and video exchange sites are rife with puerile videos about how religious folks are dumb or how atheists are lame, but them's the breaks. Problems only really come up when people start claiming that they have the right not to be questioned or insulted. Threats of violence are rare from most mainstream religious groups, but we still have enough Pat Robertsons and Islamic Jihadists who are more than happy to advocate doom and despair for their detractors. And, of course, we'll always have Bill Donohue, who has enough free time to write a 23-page pamphlet (available for a mere pittance of $5) about how a film involving talking polar bears is "most dangerous movie of all time."

All that being said, when the last time you saw anyone carrying a sign that said "Behead those who insult Darwin"...?

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