Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacation Time

Hey everybody. Your old pal Skippy is heading to the wilds of Pennsylvania on Thursday to attend the wedding of a cousin-in-law I may or may not have ever met. I not worried though - I've never met a vacation I didn't like. The Girlfriend is also pretty happy to have an excuse to force me out my usual Hawaiian shirts and into a tie.

In any event, the in-laws' house exists in a bizarre alternate reality where 28.8kb modems still exist, so I'm not going to be online at all until at least next Wednesday.1 I haven't exactly been machine-gunning posts lately, so its not going to be much of an interruption. That said, I'm going to turn on moderation for all comments while I'm gone because I don't want the place to be swamped with loons and spam when I get back.

Your homework while I'm away is to read John Githongo's article Fear and Loathing in Nairobi from the current issue of Foreign Affairs.

1.) There's no internet access, but their basic cable service is superior to mine. They have the National Geographic Channel -and- Toon Disney! (You know you love Darkwing Duck.)

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