Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Freakin' Mature...

I live about two blocks away from the Phuoc Hau Buddhist Temple. I'm familiar with the place only because I pass it on the way home from work every day. It's relatively small and never seems especially busy, but the property is adorned with some pretty elaborate statuary.

Well, it was adorned with elaborate statuary.

Lately the place has been the target of vandals that see fit, on an almost weekly basis, to sneak onto the property at night in order to break and/or spray paint everything they can lay their hands on. The most recent property destruction took on a religious cast: this past weekend the Temple's sign was defaced with a spray painted cross and the message "Budduh's (sic) in hell".

I'm confident that the vandalism is just the work of some punk kids having "fun" on the weekends, but it stills leaves a bad taste in my mouth. According to the Wave 3 news story linked to above, the place has been vandalized several times in the past but the head monk advised members not to call the police. Apparently the congregation is largely composed elderly Vietnamese folks with limited English skills who are concerned about calling too much attention to themselves. Given southern Louisville's occasional penchant for intolerance, I can't really say I blame them.

It must take a real brave bunch of people to terrorize one of the most isolated populations in the community.

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