Monday, January 25, 2010

"Holy" Water + Paramecia = ?

Apparently God is working in mysterious ways for a bunch of Russian Orthodox Christians: Over a hundred believers have been hospitalized with acute intestinal symptoms after drinking "holy water" from a local church. According to an Associated Press report these wells of holy water are fed by a nearby stagnant lake. The article says that it's not yet clear what caused the illness, but goes on to note that most water in Russia, holy or otherwise, is generally considered unsafe to drink without further sterilization.

I'll admit that ordinarily I'd find this pretty amusing, but 48 of the folks who've been sickened by this exercise of blind faith are children. Therefore the incident passes from the category of "misfortune befalling adults who ought to have known better" and into the category of "religious abuse visited upon helpless kids who were unlucky enough to have rubes for parents".

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The Atheist said...

Holy water + paramecia = watery hole.