Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Time!

Today's the day. For the first time in like two years I'm actually going on a vacation that is a.) more than a day long and b.) not actually prompted by a family emergency. The Girlfriend and I are heading up to the semi-rural wilderness that is central Pennsylvania to spend several days with my de facto in-laws. For some reason we're taking one of the cats with us, but other than the prospect of driving for ten hours locked in a confined space with an angry animal I'm really looking forward to it.

Aside from the change of venue, this also means that I won't be online at all until June 10th. The in-laws have a 28.8 modem hooked up to the computer that time forgot, so I won't be updating the blog or my Twitter the entire time I'm gone.* At one point I might have considered trying it, but the last time we went to visit it took the Girlfriend like 3 hours to update her Live Journal, so I have no plans to even attempt to use the internet. Heck, I may even turn the cell phone off and stay completely unplugged the whole time.

It won't all be fun and games though: I bought that crazy Richard Hoagland book and I'm still planning to review it when I get back. I'm already about three chapters into it and it is an incredibly tedious read. I believe it was Dogbert who once said that there's a fine line between genius and complex stupidity, and it is apparently Hoagland's goal in life to blur that line as much as he possibly can by blasting out a steady stream of dense and varied crazy at his reader. The second chapter, for example, is almost entirely devoted to "hyperdimensional physics", which Hoagland and one of his pals apparently just plain made up. Hoagland claims that hyperdimensional phsyics is a rediscovery of forgotten physics principles that had long been covered up, for whatever reason, by "the reductionists." Covered up, that is, until Hoagland figured these principles out for himself by carefully examining a geometric code hidden in the ruins of a lost city on Mars that only he and his friends can see. Seriously. When talking about his "hyperdimensional physics" and whatnot Hoagland says so much to express so little that I can't help but be reminded of Alfred Lawson's "Zig-Zag and Swirl" model of the universe. Suffice to say that this is probably going to be a long book review.

In any event, I'm off to pack. See you on the 10th of June.

* I myself own the cell phone that time forgot, so I couldn't text Twitter from that even if I were inclined to.

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