Thursday, January 08, 2009

Speaking of the Redneck Fringe...

Apparently some lunatic named Derik Bonestroo walked into his workplace at a ski resort in Colorado on the 30th of December and opened fire on his coworkers in the hopes of killing all the non-Christians. The full story from the Denver Post is here. According to witnesses, Bonestroo walked into a meeting of ski lift operators, fired a shot into the ceiling, and proclaimed that "If you're not Christian, you're going to die" before spraying the crowd with his Glock. Bonestroo fatally shot the resort's general manager, Brian Mahon, during the attack. He later killed himself after being wounded by a sheriff's deputy. During a subsequent search of the rented room where he lived, investigators found the mutilated body of his cat. He was wearing tactical gear and other military-style equipment, leading police to believe that he was planning the attack for some time.

This is a troubling reminder of what can happen when someone with head full of supernatural fairytales goes off the deep end.* There's very little difference between a lunatic shooting people for Jesus and a lunatic blowing people up for Allah - one way or another it boils down to a psychopath murdering people to satisfy their imaginary friend.

*PZ Myers notes that whether someone claims to be acting on orders from Yahweh or is just plain batshit
"there isn't much difference between either condition".

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