Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unacceptable Douchebaggery...

This has already made the rounds through most of the atheist blogs out there, but I'm going to take a few swings at the dead horse. Apparently some weirdo down in Florida made a bunch of trouble for a church full of Catholic folks by trying to steal a handful of eucharist wafers from the priest in the middle of Communion. Now I'm all for making fun of the Catholic church - it's easy and fun for the whole family - but wandering in off the street just to make trouble for a mass full of old people isn't a form of protest, it's just plain being a douche. The guy involved, some rough-looking fellow named Jonathan Ricci, also went so far as to shove a couple of elderly guys to the ground after a group of parishioners tried to prevent him from leaving.

Aside from the obvious comedic value of a group of people engaged in a wild melee over the fate of a handful of bland, stale crackers, this is a pretty sad incident. I hope, and rather suspect, that this was the act of some crazy transient rather than a planned "protest" orchestrated by someone involved the in the atheist community. If this was in fact an atheist trying to make a point, he's gone about it completely wrong. I've long held that I don't especially care what religious people do in church as long as it doesn't effect anyone else, and as such I've no sympathy for people (even ones that are nominally "on my side") who go into a church for the sole purpose of making trouble.

Hell, my parents are Catholic - I end up having to go to church with them several times year. You won't find many people more dismissive of Catholicism than ol' Skippy, but I'm not about to throw a fit in the middle of a church in order to get my point across. Given that I consider atheism to be a rational position, it really doesn't benefit much from displays of irrational histrionics. Leave the laughable craziness to the religious folks - we atheists need to be better than that.

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