Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy Shit: Barack Obama is the President Elect!!!

Obama Wins!

MSNBC and CNN are both projecting that Barack Obama has now amassed 287 electoral votes, making him the next president of the United States. I braved a record turnout here in suburban Louisville, waiting in line for almost...a minute or two to vote in this historic election (To be fair I voted kind of late - My friends that voted this morning reported legitmately large crowds.) and I really have had butterflies in my stomach all evening. I know Obama was projected to win, but I got shocked by Kerry's defeat in 2004 so I've actually not unclenched my butt since I woke up this morning.

The United States has a black president elect. Times have changed a lot since the relatively recent past, and maybe now we can start to turn the page on the disastrous policies of the last 8 years. Now keep in mind that I don't think Obama is some kind of Superman, nor do I think of McCain as some kind of monster, but...wow.


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