Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bill Donohue - Still A Raving Ass...

The Catholic League is basically a vehicle through which Bill Donohue bitches about things that he considers to be anti-Catholic. Since Bill Donohue appears to have an enormous persecution complex, he does an awful lot of bitching. His latest ravings about "hate crimes against Catholics" is in regards to P.Z. Myers and his recent bemusement over the row about a Florida student who, horror of horrors, left a Catholic mass with a Eucharist in his pocket to protest fees that University of Central Florida.

The Catholic League has claimed that this is "beyond a hate crime" and has called for the expulsion of the student in question. Myer's responded to the debacle with this blog post, which, of course, pissed off the Catholic League even more. Donohue is now calling for Myers' head on a pike, and his minions have begun to deluge both the University of Minnesota and Dr. Myers with hate mail.

Naturally the web's skeptics have been quick to defend Myers, and I'm sure that some of them have sent some unfriendly correspondence to Donohue and his lackeys, and this of course plays right in to Donohue's martyr fantasies. He has summoned up the gall to accuse Myers of promoting hysterics (Remember that it was Donohue who called for the destruction of a student's academic future over the theft of a minor religious token that was, in any event, destined to be consumed, processed, and ultimately flushed down the toilet anyway.) and is now calling on his website for additional security for Catholics during the Republican National Convention (which will take place in Minnesota this September) for fear that the atheists will rise up and smite them.

The Catholic League claims that it exists to "safeguard both the religious freedom rights and the free speech rights of Catholics whenever and wherever they are threatened", and as you can see, it works towards this end by trampling the rights of everyone else.

Fuck off, Bill. It's a goddamned cracker.

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