Friday, July 25, 2008

Beaten To The Punch...

Well, I unwittingly revealed yesterday that I haven't been keeping up with Swift from over on The Amazing Randi's page. Last week's issue included a scathing look at Todd Bentley and the suggestion that, if his miracles are as well-documented as he claims, he should just mosey down to Florida and collect his million dollar prize. The full article is here.

Oh, by the way, the more I read about this nutjob, the more I despise him. For one thing, Bentley is slightly more "vigorous" in his whole laying on of hands routine than other faith healers: sometimes he'll actually strike his postulants hard to "drive the diseases out". Embedded below is a video taken at one of his Florida shows during which he kicks a man with stage IV colon cancer in the stomach. You know, because kicking guys with advanced colon cancer square in the gut is good for them. What an asshole.

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