Thursday, May 01, 2008

The National Day of Pandering is Upon Us...

Today is the National Day of Prayer, an event sponsored by our federal government to pander to the all the religious folks. Yay. Now, technically, if your really want to stretch things, the government can establish "days of prayer" and whatnot so long as they're so limp-dicked and ecumenical that they aren't specifically endorsing any religion. That's also one of the strategies that some states have used to try and sneak prayer into public school. That was the original strategy of the National Day of Prayer folks, but it has metamorphosed relatively quickly into a purely Evangelical Christian event that is headed by James "Focus on the Family" Dobson's wife Shirley.

The National Day of Prayer was Harry Truman's cross-eyed brainchild way back in 1952, and 20 years later it began to become a more organized affair with committees and taskforces and everything else that smacks of both needless bureaucracy and "excessive entanglement". Again, it was originally intended, nominally, to be a "holiday" for all faiths, as well as "spiritual people with no organized religion", but it has turned, predictably, into just another Christian Dominionist enterprise, defended by it's adherents not on Constitutional grounds but by sheer naked assertion that the United States should not be seperated "from our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob".

Wow, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Real ecumenical. Honestly man, even religious folks should be concerned about this kind of government involvement. Do you honestly want the government in charge of the way you worship, even peripherally? The NDoP website even has a special section to remind its thralls how to pray.

In any event, as this particular farce carries on, today is also the National Day of Reason, which happens to fall every year on the first day of May. The traditional activity for we secularists on the National Day of Reason is to donate blood, since, you know, that actually does something to save lives.


Jay said...

I made my blood donation last week. Apparently the new technique is to twist the needle into your arm, much like trying to take a core sample.

Skippy the Skeptic said...

I actually gave blood about a month ago and it was one of those "double red" things, so I can't give blood again for like two more months. There's nothing quite like having room temperature plasma and saline solution pumped back into your arm to make you feel like the Frankenstein monster.

Garret G said...

Hi gents,
Glad you guys donate blood.

It would bother me if it was a Muslim day of prayer, sure. But utimately it would not matter if the government endorsed any one particular religion, I would practice my own. The government should not endorse any particular religion at all per non establishment clause, my point is that it would ultimatly be irrelevant.
I should dontate blood too, never have.
peace to Skippy!

Garret G said...

BTW reading Exploring Evolution- seems to be a fair treatment. Link here.