Wednesday, March 05, 2008

More Bait-and-Switch Proselytizing

We're all familiar with the goofy "predict the date of your death" websites floating around out there. The main one, of course, is the aptly named Death Clock, which tries to make a good guess at your final bow by asking for your some basic demographic info and your BMI. Some folks who are preoccupied with their inescapable terminus, however, may have discovered a site called 'Death Beth'. It's essentially the same as Death Clock save for a vaguely creepy doll head that takes up about half the screen, plus it flat out asks "are you healthy". (Isn't that kind of cheating?)

Of course, Death Beth doesn't actually make any predictions, it just notes that you're going to die one day and notes that unless you're in good with the God, Jesus is going to kick you square in the nads when it happens. Why, you ask? Turns out that Death Beth links straight back to Ray Comfort's "Living Waters" site, ironically from a link that asks "Think this is lame?". (Yeah, I do.) You also have the option of printing off dozens upon dozens of "You're gonna die" cards so you can constantly torment your friends and coworkers with the reminders of their own mortality.

Naturally these cards just advertise the "Death Beth" site without betraying Ray's hand in the whole thing - We wouldn't want people to actually realize they were being preached at, would we?

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