Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quote of the Week: Words of Wisdom...From Whom...?

You've got to govern your own lives so that they can be worthwhile, fruitful lives - not lives wasted...and not only must you guide your own life in the proper channels - you must also strive to be a good influence on the lives of others.

Wow. What a great set of precepts, an uncanny distillation of morality without appeal to the supernatural! Honestly, I've tried to put the same ideas into words more than once and have never succeeded to my satisfaction. But wait...there's no name under that quote, no one to whom we can ascribe the moral wisdom that it contains! Whoever could have spoken those words? What supreme moral philosopher could have so cleanly laid out what it means to live a good life? Nietzsche? Mill? Plato? Socrates? Aristotle?

None of the above.

Who then? Martin Luther King Jr.? John F. Kennedy? Pope John Paul II? Ghandi?

Not even close!

Perhaps the great religious philosophers? Clement, perhaps? Or Paul? Aquinas? Could it be...Ray? Whoa- here's a thought: Jesus!

Nope, sorry.

Sometimes wisdom comes from a more down to earth source. I actually know just who that quote came from, and even though some folks will think it's silly, the words above are still worthwhile. They're certainly worthy of being my very first quote of the week.

If you haven't guessed the source of this quote, and I doubt you will, then click below to see the face of our masked philosopher.

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Froggie said...

Holy fuck, Batman!