Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Space Sasquatch!

A four year-old image from the Mars Spirit rover is making the rounds on the internet as showing a humanoid figure, possibly Space Bigfoot. It's garnering coverage on CNN TV and Fox's website, as well as Phil Plait's blog. Phil's of the opinion, which I share, that it's just a simulacrum or an optical illusion. Most of the major news outlets are getting a giggle out of it, but a quick google search indicates that some bloggers out there are missing the joke. In any event, this can't be a Space Sasquatch, because they have horns and carry axes.

(An FYI for the four people who aren't familiar with the term, a simulacrum, for our purposes, is a natural formation that resembles something else, such as the famous Old Man of the Mountain.)

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