Thursday, December 27, 2007

Et tu, Chuck Norris?

An ongoing internet meme is currently engendering a lot of good will towards erstwhile action star Chuck Norris, and I certainly encounter him hawking the Total Gym on TV almost every evening, but I'd never actually gotten a whiff of his politics until this morning. Who ever woulda' guessed that Chuck Norris is a fundie? Now, granted, I can still enjoy "Braddock: Missing in Action III" (or not) regardless of whether Norris has a skewed view of the foundations of our country's government, but this is still a disheartening development. How can we secularists hope to win the day if the fundies have enlisted such a powerful force of nature as Chuck Norris to their cause? I mean, this is a man who counted to infinity - twice!

By the way, I found above commercial on Bay-Of-Fundie, an absolutely swanktastic site devoted to skewering cultural absurdity.

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