Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lookin' for a miracle man...

Well, Georgia's never exactly been a bastion of the Enlightenment, but it's recently crossed the threshold into, dare I borrow the phrase, "Endarkenment". Sonny Perdue, Georgia's governor, led a prayer session on the state's capitol steps Tuesday to beg Yahweh for rain. (Take that, Jeffersonian ideals!) And, amazingly, they got rain yesterday, just as had been predicted by meteorologists. Must be a miracle! Plus, since rain had been expected before the prayer vigil, God must have KNOWN IN ADVANCE that they'd pray for rain and set things in motion accordingly. A double miracle! That's like 10,000 points!. Georgians, that's your tax dollars at work.

Of course, they only got a measly .14" of rain, which did precisely jack to remedy the region's severe drought, so maybe we shouldn't get so excited just yet. Or maybe God just missed and sent the storm to Bangladesh, which is about to be smote down with a category 5 tropical cyclone. In any event, I'm sure we'll be hearing about this one from the woo-woos for a long time to come.

Oh, and speaking of woos, Bill O'Reilly will be hosting that imminent paragon of scientific understanding and rational thought Shirley MacLaine tonight to have a discussion about the existence of aliens. Huzzah.

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