Saturday, September 29, 2007

Missed the boat this time.

Louisville served host this past week to several days of "Bible Prophecy" lectures courtesy of a guy named Phillip Sizemore, whose name sounds really familiar to me but whose web presence seems to be pretty minimal. In any event, I'd planned to attend at least a couple of the events in the hopes of shooting some material for a new video (as well as the chance to learn the "unavoidable identity" of the antichrist). Sadly, I wasn't able to muster up the time to make it to the festivities thanks to other urgent commitments (some of which may have involved Bioshock) and thus I have to report that I missed the boat completely on this one.

Luckily there's no paucity of religious folk around here willing to tell anyone who can hear them what they think about the state of the world. Mr. Sizemore at least had the good grace to rent out the amphitheater at the park and only give his opinion to the people who wanted to hear it. No public histrionics, nothing weird, just an rather hefty mass mailing announcing the event. There was briefly an enormous banner on the fence of the park that simply read "APOCALYPSE" but that was regrettably only around for a day. In any event, though I've missed the official lecture, I have the opportunity every single day of every single weekend to hear another fellow espouse his theology.

You see, there's a gentleman who makes it his mission to hang out on the corner next to the Frisch's every Friday through Sunday with a megaphone and remind everyone waiting at the Dixie Highway and Greenwood Road intersection that we're all going to hell. I've almost worked up the nerve to approach the guy to try and get some comments for a video, but to be frank he's pretty big and a little bit scary. I suppose if I have a shiner in my next video then my concerns were justified.

As a final note, I can now be contacted at if anyone has any comments, questions, or video suggestions.

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