Thursday, February 08, 2007

A big load of hoohaa

An episodic play dealing with issues related to female sexuality, “The Vagina Monologues” has been around for something like 11 years. Part of the purpose of the show is to break taboos by discussing female sexual issues (and, yes, genitalia) with no childish euphemisms or mealy-mouthed hemming and hawing. For some people this might be a little uncomfortable, some might even find it a little silly ( I’ll admit that I’ve gotten a bit of a giggle out of the concept myself), but being able to discuss things openly and seriously is a virtue rather than a vice.

Unfortunately, the entire premise of the work (trying to establish that its okay for women to talk unashamedly and openly about their sexuality) has been undermined by a Florida theater that has decided to rename it “The Hoohaa Monologues” on its marquee for fear of the wrath of the easily offended. Apparently the Atlantic Theater in Atlantic Beach received a single complaint from older lady whose niece saw the original name on the marquee and wanted to know what a “vagina” was. So, of course, rather than explain to a little girl that a vagina is a natural part of the female anatomy, the woman called a complained to the theater.

I can’t imagine that I need to say much more than that this is an utterly ridiculous situation. The shrill declarations by some folks that they have the right to never be offended by anything EVER are an embarrassment to our culture. My original source on this was a video, but I can’t find it anymore since all news coverage on earth has been suspended to cover the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Here’s a reprint of the article on a message board, but I can’t verify this version’s veracity.

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